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Publishing of results is certainly one of the most important activities and it can be quite challenging to publish a scientific paper in an internationally recognized scientific journal. Publication of paper frequently determines whether you will defend your PhD or not, whether you will get the grant or not. 

There are many prerequisites to conquer the respected journal. First of all your results need to be original and representative, which brings us back to the research activities. Scientific papers are having specific form, while each scientific journal has some specific demands. Citing other works, adequate formatting, language quality, visualization of results, etc are just some of the elements that have to be incorporated into your manuscript.  Not to mention the difficulties related to the selection of the right journal. And guess what? That is not the end. You also frequently encounter the so called revisions… All of these demands are time consuming and it is not strange that it takes years for acquiring PhD title or grants.

Why work with us when it comes to the publishing of scientific papers? Well, aside of the fact that we have published more than 100 papers in journals with impact factor, we are also active reviewers for more than 50 scientific journals with significant values of impact factor. That means that editors of strong journals seek our opinion on whether to accept some paper for publication or not. 

What is great about working in science is that all of our achievements are transparent, meaning that other people can easily check scientific metrics and determine credentials before starting collaboration. In these regards, it is noteworthy to mention that all of our published papers and citations can be tracked on Scopus and Google Scholar services, while our pre-publication reviews of papers can be tracked on Publons service.

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