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We have acquired a rich experience related to research, teaching, science event organization, promotion, NGOs, etc.
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Contact us if you need our experience in the conceptualization of research activities, research plan, investigation... Check our pages to see what areas do we cover. If something could be useful for your projects, let's have a meeting


Let us know if our experience in manuscript and language editing, formatting, visualization, presentation of results, journal selection can be useful for your projects. We published more than 100 papers in journals with impact factor


We have acquired teaching experience at all levels of education and have pioneered in the involvement of students in science. Contact us to discuss curriculum, extra curriculum activities, remote teaching and modern tools for teaching

Steve Cliff
Event organization

If you need to organize the conference, symposium, workshop, public lectures, webinars our team can do that for you. We have participated in many events dedicated to both sharing of scientific ideas and to science communication

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We are flexible, we care about our collaborators and we seek the optimal ways how to perform tasks or solve a problem.

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Our experience covers research, teaching, project application, event organizations, NGOs and other activities.