Teaching Services

We have collected experience in working at all levels of education. And we have always been dedicated to innovations, especially when it comes to working with students and involving them in our own scientific activities. In these regards, we have been regional pioneers since we were able to publish scientific papers in internationally recognized journals with undergraduate and, even, high school students. You can read about these achievements on a separate page (to be released soon).

We have been constantly focused to project oriented education, trying to teach students about the importance to be able to independently make decisions. Desire to involve students and young researchers in our activities is one of the main reasons why we have established an NGO dedicated to the international development of academic and scientific collaboration (AIDASCO).

At our affiliation, we have been engaged for years in different subjects at all levels (undergraduate, graduate and PhD). Let’s discuss how our teaching experience could be used for your projects.

Our teaching skills

Demonstrated results in teaching