Dr. Stevan Armaković

I am a physicist with expertise in computational materials and molecular modeling. I am applying first principles and classical calculations in order to understand structural, reactive, transport and opto-electronic properties of various molecules, (nano)materials, ionic liquids, etc. 

I am working at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad. Together with Sanja and colleagues Maria Uzelac and Nikola Savanovic, I have established an NGO devoted to the international development of academic and scientific collaboration – AIDASCO, to which I serve as a President of the Board.

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Just when I started to work, more than ten years ago, I wanted to investigate organic nanomaterials such as fullerenes and nanotubes computationally. Faced with the lack of computational resources and modeling software at the whole University, I realized I had to start with a little bit smaller molecular systems. That is when I discovered in the literature the magnificent world of buckybowls. These exciting molecules with specific physical and chemical properties are my favorite systems to investigate. In my PhD thesis, I have studied various properties of sumanene molecule, one of the typical representatives of this class of molecules.

Collaboration with Sanja was crucial to understanding that computational materials and molecular modeling can be applied in various scientific areas. At the time, she was working with the photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceutically active components, which was a trigger for starting with research on the reactive properties of pharmaceutical molecules applying, firstly, DFT calculations, and later all other relevant levels of theory. Thanks to working with Sanja, advanced oxidation processes and applications of photocatalytic nanomaterials have also become my areas of interest.

Over the years, I have developed rich international collaboration, thanks to which I had to deal with the modeling of various molecules and periodic structures. Thanks to the collaboration, I have developed skills in different first-principles calculations, molecular dynamics simulations and molecular docking and applied different molecular modeling codes and program packages, such as: Schrödinger Materials Science Suite (Jaguar, Desmond, MacroModel, Canvas, Maestro), Quantum Espresso, PSI4, Quantum Wise/Synopsis QuantumATK, SCM ADF, Gaussian, GAMESS, Autodock Vina, Multiwfn, VMD, ORCA, etc.

Currently, I am particularly interested in organic nanostructures with potential for applications in organic electronics, photocatalytic nanomaterials with application in advanced oxidation processes. Also, thanks to the collaboration with my colleagues from the Chair, I am interested in various physical and chemical properties of spinel ferrite nanomaterials such as NiFe2O4 and ZnFe2O4.


I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. I am a member of the Chair for Physical Electronics. Until 2021, I was a member of the Chair for General Physics and Methodology of Physics Teaching. I am involved in several courses at all levels of studies: Numerical Methods and Programming in Physics, Kinetic theory of gasses, Demonstration experiments in physics II, Physics popularization, Biophysics, etc. In high school “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” in Novi Sad, I am teaching subjects “Modeling in Physics” and “Physics of Atoms and Molecules”, for the class of students with exceptional abilities in physics.

I am particularly devoted to the involvement of students in research activities. I have published many papers with young scientists and have directly involved undergraduate and high school students in the research that resulted in articles in recognized international peer-reviewed journals.

Association for International Development of Academic and Scientific Collaboration (AIDASCO)

Inspired by the rich international collaboration and all of the benefits it brings, in the beginning of 2020, I have initiated the establishment of the “Association for the International Development of Academic and Scientific Collaboration” (AIDASCO). The founding meeting of AIDASCO was held on July 10th, 2020, by Sanja Armaković, Maria Uzelac, Nikola Savanović and me. At the founding meeting, I was elected President of the AIDASCO Board. The purpose of AIDASCO is to focus on academic and research collaboration, with a particular goal to involve students and young researchers in members’ activities.

You can learn more about AIDASCO by visiting the web site www.aidasco.org If you share our vision and goals, feel free to become our member by filling the membership application form available at http://aidasco.org/aidasco-network/