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OUR Numbers in year 2021

What we achieved in year 2021

Papers with impact factor
International events
Participation in projects

This was one more challenging and demanding year for us. But successful too. 

The Covid pandemics continued to mess with our plans and schedules. Schools and kindergartens followed some complicated protocols, and it was extremely difficult to organize time for research and teaching. Working late at night was the only way to continue with successful publishing dynamics and quality teaching activities.

Nevertheless, thanks to the joint efforts of all of our friends and collaborators, the year 2021 was very successful. We have published 16 papers in journals with impact factors and collected more than 700 citations. Two weeks ago, Sanja was awarded for the scientific excellence for citations collected in 2020 in the region of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Among rewarded scientists, she was the youngest one. According to the SCOPUS database, Sanja’s h-index raised to 28, while Stevan’s h-index raised to 25.

Throughout 2021, we have also actively participated in three research projects and had numerous activities within the AIDASCO, including the co-organization of 5 international events.